Springer Spaniel


This dog breed is considered royalty amongst huntsmen! Their loyalty and tremendous retrieval skills being extremely valued. But to be honest, most English Springer Spaniels have hung up their work clothes and now live lives of leisure as family pets. They are well known for being friendly and possessing a gentle nature which is why Leslie Gerry adores these dogs. Leslie’s beautiful designs include; springer spaniel Homeware, stationery and kitchenware items that are sure to be an excellent gift to yourself or your loved one!

Bred to be a premier hunting dog, springer spaniels have most definitely earned their name. Their primary purpose was to “spring” game, meaning they would make the birds go into flight so that the hunters could see them. These dogs also have an incredibly close relation, the Cocker Spaniel. These dogs used to be the same breed with a litter of puppies being designated to a hunting task based on size. It was in the 20th century that these dogs were officially categorised as different breeds.

If you love these dogs, you’re in good company; the famous Scot William Wallace had a pet Spaniel called Merlin. Although it would have been a couple of hundred years too early to classify his dog as a Springer Spaniel, it is thought that his dog was from the line that developed into modern-day Springers.

So, if you’re like us and love these crazy, seemingly endlessly full of energy dogs, Leslies Gerry’s range of products are to sure to impress. Leslie’s ability to capture the dog’s beautiful eyes and rugged coat adds to the realism of the image. These dogs are unparalleled in their zest for life and overall energy, making it fitting that Leslie portrayed them in such a special and detailed manner. The springer spaniel is set against a beautiful yellow and grey patterned background. Our range are the perfect gifts for springer spaniel lovers.