Anyone that has owned or been around rabbits knows why we love them. Not all the reasons will be apparent upon first glance. Their quirky and funny personalities take some time for you to appreciate fully, but when you do, we are sure you will love them as much as Leslie Gerry does. Leslie’s choice to include rabbits in his tremendous “animal” range is a testament to their beauty combined with their inherent wildness even when kept as pets. If you are looking for the perfect gifts for rabbit lovers, then look no further!

Leslie Gerry’s “animal” range has never been more popular; his choice in animals stems from a combination of aesthetics and interest. Rabbits possess interesting personalities which are a beautiful blend of wildness combined with tameness. Their nature is described by many as being a combination of cats, dogs and wildness. However, Leslie would argue that they are unique and in a class of their own. Interestingly, rabbits show affection to someone by performing their unique mating ritual of running around their owners in circles which makes for an amusing sight. These cuddly little guys can be quite the troublemakers if they are not appropriately trained, but a well-trained rabbit can be one of the best pets ever! Couple that with the fact they don’t bark or meow, you have a nearly perfect little pet.

We think Leslie has done an excellent job in portraying these beautiful animals. Similar to Leslie’s other designs, his attention to detail is unparalleled. His use of shadows provides a stunning 3D effect and makes for a more realistic image. Leslie’s use of contrasting colours for the background adds a beautiful effect to an already wonderful image. If you or someone you know appreciates the beauty of these animals as much as Leslie Gerry does, choose from one of our great Homeware and Stationery designs.