Oh my goodness, those jowls, adorable. Is there anything better than gazing into the eyes of these dazzling doggos! Leslie Gerry feels the same way as we do, and that’s why he took the time to portray them in his art. Our bulldog range has been a best seller for many years, and it is easy to see why. If you know someone that is bulldog obsessed or you happen to be infatuated with these incredible animals, then Leslie’s range of homeware, kitchenware and stationery items are the perfect addition to a collection. We stock the best gifts for bulldog lovers!

The breed originated in England and had a very checkered lineage. It was the descendant of bull-fighting mastiffs from the Roman period. Gladly the bulldog only ever so slightly resembles their ancestors, and all its aggressiveness has wholly disappeared. What we are left with is one of the cuddliest and sweetest dogs out there.

It’s a simple fact that no one ever mistakes a bulldog for some other breed, they are incredibly distinctive. Their strong limbs, combined with a broad chest, gives them a powerful appearance that makes them look like little tanks. Their underbite is a fan-favourite amongst owners in that it’s as if they are trying to give off a vibe of seriousness but end up looking hilarious and lovable. However, if you asked Leslie Gerry what his favourite feature is, we are sure you would be told, “the wrinkles.” We have to agree, is there any better feature than those wrinkles on the head of these dogs. Walking in on a sleeping bulldog is perhaps one of the greatest sites on earth, their little faces all smooshed into their pillow and the snores of a content dog are enough to warm the hearts of all true dog lovers. Our beautiful range has the best gifts for bulldog lovers.

Wrinkles galore, Leslie took special care to draw his favourite feature of this dog and added brilliant shadowing to enhance the deep wrinkly effect of the bulldog. If you love these dogs the way Leslie and we do, you need to add someone of Leslie designs to your collection.  We stock the best bulldog gifts in the UK.