Jack Russell Terrier


Don’t be confused by their size; these little dogs have a huge personality. Perhaps this is the reason they have garnered so much screen time in TV and movies. Eddie, the famous Jack Russell terrier, was a frequent guest on the TV show Frasier and acted as a loyal companion to the father of the main protagonist. They may be small, but Jack Russells are turbo-charged, filled to the brim with energy and excitement. If you or someone you care about loves these phenomenal little dogs the way we do, perhaps consider choosing a gift item from our brilliantly designed range of Jack Russell stationery, kitchenware and homeware items. Leslie’s fantastic range possesses the perfect gifts for Jack Russell owners.

Initially bred for their hunting capabilities by a man called Jack Russell, many of the characteristics including the little terrier’s extreme levels of determination and agility are what made them such adept hunting dogs. Nowadays, most Jack Russells live a life of leisure and leave working up to their human companions. Nevertheless, these dogs love nothing more than chasing balls and showing off how much faster they are than their owners. These dogs are intelligent…REALLY intelligent but it’s an art to getting them to always listen to you because of their strong-willed personalities. If you’re a fan as we are of these tremendous little dogs, you’re in good company, Serena Williams and Prince Charles are just some of the many celebrity owners of these dogs. Leslie Gerry captures the fun, crazy vibe these dogs exude.

Leslie’s Jack Russell designs capture the dog in what looks like mid-flight, outstretched with its vibrant eyes focused on something…most likely a ball. The terrier possesses beautiful markings with the iconic tan and white with a strip up its nose. Leslie truly has outdone himself with this artwork and created a gift range that is sure to wow anyone that appreciates great art and this extremely adorable little breed of dog. We believe that we stock the best Jack Russell terrier gifts in the UK and are sure that you will find the perfect gifts for Jack Russell lovers.