Magnetic Shopping List


When it comes to managing a busy household, a magnetic notepad stuck to the fridge door is an absolute necessity. And who doesn’t love a good list?! When it comes to juggling an endlessly busy routine of kids, work, cleaning and kids. Again, the unassuming little to-do list is a saviour of many home keepers.

Whether you are the super organised list person, or the person that just writes endless scrawled reminders on scraps of paper, our animal magnetic notepads provide an attractive and practical solution.

The small block of notepaper can help you add a little structure to your frantic day, or merely help you remember all the groceries that would otherwise have been forgotten.

So, help yourself help yourself, and clear a little headspace with this convenient writing tool!

The Leslie Gerry magnetic notepads have “Shopping List” printed across the top of every page, but they are oh so much more.  The strong backing magnet keeps the grocery list firmly affixed to your fridge, allowing you to hold the phone in one hand while scrawling with the other. The lined quality paper keeps your thoughts ordered and neat. Once your note is complete, the pages can easily be peeled off pocketed and forgotten about… until you need to clean the remanents out of your washing machine!

The magnetic shopping lists with pencil means you are never caught short when the phone rings.

The range includes the Dog Designs “Springer Spaniel” and “Black Labrador”, and Cat Designs “Black and White Cat and Tabby Cat”. A useful stationery gift item.