Mounted Prints


Introducing Leslie Gerry’s stunning range of Animal themed wall art prints.

Each portrait captures it’s subject in a striking pose. Leslie’s style of clean-cut edges and flat colours gives a stunning level of detail while maintaining a stylistic simplicity. The subtle two-tone backgrounds perfectly complement each animal’s colour. Although the background colours of each design differ vastly, Leslie’s distinctive artistic style gives a continuity that allows the prints to sit comfortably next to one another in a collection.

Each print comes with a luxurious double mount and MDF backing board. The double mount allows the print to be easily framed! The double mount casts a subtle shadow around the edge of the print giving it an extra high-quality look. 

Leslie’s range provides a wide variety of unique animal prints. From the much-loved cat and dog pet breeds to the more rugged wildlife and farm animals, there is the perfect mix of animals to adorn your walls.

This vibrant collection provides the perfect opportunity to add a splash of colour to your walls while maintaining your current colour scheme.

All prints are available in A3, A4 or A5 size. All sizes fit the corresponding IKEA frame.