Farm Animals


Leslie Gerry’s “animal” range has been one of our best-sellers for many years and with good reason. Leslie’s appreciation of all things animal-related can be seen in his beautiful portrayals of farm animals. If you’re looking for a cute farm animal based gift, then look no further; we stock an array of items ranging from stationery to kitchen and home products. Our range is sure to impress even the pickiest people you know.

Our range includes Roosters, Friesian cows, pigs, Highland cows, geese, ponies, and sheep. Enough to keep any animal mad-person happy.

Leslie Gerry truly believes that every animal is majestic, and in that regard, we agree with him. He appreciates the beautiful feathers of the proud rooster in the same way that he appreciates the mane of a magnificent pony.

Perhaps one of the reasons why Leslie chose to create this beautiful-farm animal art is because he understands and has a great appreciation for these animal’s complex social constructs and elegance that extends further than simple pets.

Pigs possess the ability to recognize themselves in mirrors and can use reflections that they see to find food. They display an understanding of how mirrors work. Children typically don’t have this level of knowledge until the age of 2.

Cows have a tremendous memory and can remember faces for a very long time, they can even choose best-friends and form groups just like you, and I do.

Chickens make brilliant mothers; they care for their babies and teach them about the “pecking order” from the moment they hatch.

We think that’s what makes Leslie’s art so appealing, you can tell that he has an appreciation of these animals that truly shines through when you look at his work. Anyone that is a true animal-lover will no-doubt love Leslie’s “animal” range and welcome anyone of our beautiful gift items. We stock the perfect gifts for farmers or anyone that appreciates the beautiful animals that inhabit our nation’s countryside.