Border Terrier


Don’t be misled by their size, border terriers are tough and rugged dogs that love nothing more than to hunt, chase and play. Leslie Gerry’s appreciation of this breed is his motivation behind creating border terrier artwork. Whether you or a friend are border terrier obsessed like we are, Leslie’s range of stationery, kitchenware and homeware are sure to be the perfect gift for border terrier lovers.

Before these dogs became the adorable pets, they are known as today, they started out as a working terrier in the UK. Farmer’s needed a dog with enough speed to keep up with a horse but was small enough to follow a fox to ground. They helped reduce the number of foxes terrorising farmer’s flocks in the north of England bordering Scotland. Unlike many other breeds that have unfortunately been bred to look a certain way and thus suffer from genetic illnesses, border terriers have remained virtually unchanged since their initial inception. We think this was the best idea because frankly if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, you can’t improve on perfection. As anyone that owns one of these phenomenal dogs knows, these dogs aren’t aware of their size, they are a big dog in a little dog’s body. They have no problem leaping into a river for a relaxing swim or taking off like a rocket after a ball. At the same time, they love to cuddle up next to their owners and get their belly rubbed. If you own one of these dogs, you’re in good company, both David Walliams and Tennis player Andy Murray have owned these terriers and have spoken very highly of their love for them.

Leslie’s Gerry’s adoration for this breed is very apparent in his portrayal of them in his art. Their cute folded over ears and honest eyes really make for an adorable image. Leslie’s use of shadow and light to really show the variety of colour in the border terrier’s coat is very impressive. He combines his portrayal with a beautiful background that contrasts beautifully against the border terriers already striking image. We stock the perfect gifts for border terrier owners.