You would think after all these years dachshunds would be getting fed up with the hotdog costumes, but seemingly they embrace their uniqueness. Maybe that is why so many of us adore them! Leslie Gerry's range of dachshund inspired kitchenware, homeware and stationery are the perfect gifts for dachshund lovers.

Before dachshund's made their way onto the bottom of our beds, they were a hunting dog from Germany! A very old breed, whose origins stretch as far back as 600 years! Their fundamental working purpose was to hunt badgers. Their short legs and large chests make them great at digging! They indeed came from humble beginnings to capture the hearts of people worldwide.

Of course, we as lovers of the breed would be doing them a disservice if we failed to mention their incredible appearance. They have some of the most luxurious hair of all breeds and it's no shock they make excellent models for dog products being sold around the world.

Dachshunds are unaware of their size and have an incredibly courageous nature. There are stories aplenty of dachshunds protecting their family members in extreme situations. Daisy, the dachshund, protected her owners from a 100kg bear in Florida and suffered injuries in doing so. Fortunately, the little hero survived and made a full recovery. Hoorah!

Leslie's portrayal of this loyal little animal is highly detailed, with great care taken to capture all of its best features. Truly, a stunning piece of artwork. The long floppy ears and cute button nose is a favourite of ours; however if you look a little deeper, Leslie's use of subtly contrasting tones captures the structure and uniqueness of the dog. We believe stock the best dachshund gifts in the UK