German Shepherd


Strong, loyal, affectionate, we could go on forever with this noble breed. Leslie's stunning German Shepherd artwork captures all these traits in abundance. We stock kitchenware, homeware and stationery to satisfy all your German shepherd obsession needs.

The German shepherd we know today didn't appear until after the Second World War. Before this, they were very rough-coated and looked more like mongrels than the proud breed we see today. As with most dogs, its original inception was due to a need for a working dog that could herd but also travel for great distances. Funnily enough, in the UK many people still refer to these dogs as alsatians which most likely refers to the Alasce region where they were first bred, at the time part of Germany. Their loyal and protective qualities were not only noticed by prospective pet owners, but they are also the premier dog for security purposes amongst police forces and militaries throughout the world.

The one thing I'm sure all German shepherd owners can agree on is you need to keep them mentally stimulated. These dogs are very intelligent, and without tasks and fun with their owners, they will inevitably end up causing mischief!

Leslie does this breed of dog justice with his stunning portrayal of its impressive features. The use of flat colours and various tones on the animals' body highlights its proud and powerful physique. Its eyes gleam with a vibrancy and excitement that owners of this breed will be very familiar with. Leslie's range of giftware is an absolute must-have for anyone with an affection for this beautiful breed. We believe that we stock the best German shepherd gifts in the UK and are sure that you will find the perfect gifts for German shepherd lovers.