Friesian Cow


Sometimes it’s nice to get out of the city for the day. Driving through the countryside, you’re probably going to pass fields housing these giant animals. Not everyone would call them beautiful, but Leslie Gerry acknowledges their uniqueness and appreciates their powerful appearance. If you enjoy farm animal-based artwork designs, Leslie’s Friesian cow artwork is sure to look great on your stationery and homeware items.

These incredible animals possess an extremely long lineage that was first documented 100 BC, where people emigrated from areas in Germany with their cattle. They settled in an area in today’s Holland previously called Frisia, and since then their strain has remained virtually unchanged due to their exceptional characteristics. Funnily enough differences in soil qualities actually produced differences in cattle size region to region. These tremendous animals have become so sought after that they are exported to countries worldwide and have become the premier of cows globally.

Leslie Gerry has a genuine love for the natural world, and we believe that it is evident in both his choice of art and the overall design of his work. The level of care that is taken in doing animals justice when portraying them in his art is unparalleled. Leslie’s use of bold contrasting colours for his backgrounds, coupled with the floating shamrocks provides a beautiful canvas for his Friesian cow artwork. Leslie also cleverly utilises shadows to add some depth to his images which helps add scale showing the sheer mass of these larger than life animals. The Friesian cow’s signature black and white colouring is present in Leslie’s work with the cow possessing an extremely pleasing white strip from its nose to its forehead. Combine that with the sticky-out ears, and spikey hair cut makes for an adorable image that anyone would be happy to sport on their homeware, kitchenware and Stationery items. We believe that we stock the best cow gifts in the UK and are sure that you will find the perfect gifts for cow lovers.