Black Labrador


How could you not love the loyal Black Labrador? These beautiful dogs are the focal point of this range of giftware and homeware. Leslie Gerry understands that these dogs are dearly loved throughout the world and has strived to create beautiful artwork that captures their unique beauty. If you are seeking a brilliant gift or fancy treating yourself to one of these excellent doggy products, we stock the perfect gifts for black Labrador owners.

Leslie Gerry has an appreciation for animals, that cannot be denied. His fans have lauded him with praise for many years for his beautiful "animal" range of products that have been a best-seller for us for as long as they have been around. The Black Labrador range has been at the forefront of this popularity for many reasons ranging from their reputation as pets to their handsome looks.

Labradors are a muscular and robust breed that possess a high level of intellect combined with a profoundly loving and loyal nature that people adore. The Black Labrador didn't always sport the same name; it was initially called the St John's dog and was bred to be a fisherman's aid that helped retrieve nets and ropes. Nowadays, most Black Labradors are skipping work and happy enough being loved and cherished by their human owners. Labradors are considered so friendly and loving that they are rubbish as guard dogs because they are more likely to lick the intruder's hand and show them around your house than to get angry and bite.

We feel that Leslie Gerry's love of this breed shines through in his portrayal of them in his art. His beautiful use of shading and shadows brings out the shininess of the dog's coat and contrasts nicely with their soulful eyes and button nose. The background is two-tone and sedate in colour, which matches the dignified and calm personality of this noble breed. Our range has the perfect gifts for black Labrador lovers.