Tabby Cat


Sometimes we just want purr-fection and these beautiful cats never fail to deliver. If you are in the market for some fabulous Tabby Cat-themed homeware, kitchenware or stationery, then Leslie Gerry's striking giftware range is sure to amaze.

Let's face it, there isn't any other feline on earth as beautiful as the Tabby Cat. These cute cats have been admired for millennia. Despite their notoriety within the cat world, they are not an actual distinct breed, Tabby merely denotes an eye-catching coat pattern. The actual term "Tabby" is thought to originate in the Middle East and refer to a type of silk that was common in the area. Who knew!  

Tabby cats think they rule the roost, and let's be honest, they usually do. These furry felines have a history of taking power. Would you believe that a Tabby Cat was an elected Mayor of a town Alaska? Stubbs, the Tabby Cat, was elected to office in 1997 as a protest against the other candidates. Stubbs did such an excellent job of running the town, he ended up serving for nearly 20 years until his passing.

Leslie Gerry loves these cats, and he's in good company! Winston Churchill, one of the UK's most famous Prime Ministers, owned two beautiful Tabbys called Mickey and Tango. Mickey and Tango were distinguished guests at many a formal dinner!

Leslie Gerry's love of these cats is perhaps the primary reason he included them in his "animal" range.

His attention to detail when portraying these fantastic felines is second to none. Leslie's clever use of flat colours and tone changes make for an incredibly realistic image, showing depth from the paws to the tops of the ears. The Cat's eyes are full of life and combined with its button nose and long whiskers, you really have an adorable piece of artwork. If you consider yourself a fan of these beautiful animals, check out our incredible range of giftware and show your love for these great pets. We stock the perfect range of gifts for tabby cat lovers.