Tortoiseshell Cat


Leslie Gerry absolutely loves these colourful Kitties, and who can blame him? Affectionately known as “Torties” these Cats are incredibly popular pets throughout the world. If you happen to adore these cats the way we do, then check out Leslie Gerry’s gorgeous giftware range and treat yourself or someone that you love to something from his range of Stationery, Kitchenware or Homeware.

The most distinctive feature that these fantastic felines possess is their wonderfully patterned coats. Many breeds exhibit these beautiful markings, which means that there are plenty of them around for us to admire. Nearly all Tortoiseshell Cats are female. In very rare cases, approximately one in three-thousand, a male tortoiseshell cat is born, but most of the time, these gorgeous cats are female. Despite not actually being a specific breed, studies conducted by scientists have found that these cats possess a somewhat distinct personality compared to other cats. The personality traits were dubbed “Tortitude” and consisted of high energy with a touch of sass. Similar to other cats, Tortoiseshell cats have appeared in myths and folklore for centuries. They are particularly prevalent in Irish and Scottish culture, where it is often considered good luck when a Tortie enters a home. As a more majestic example of cultural attitudes towards these fantastic cats, some people in South-East Asia believe these Felines have a divine origin. They think that these beautiful Felines emerged from a goddess that was born to a Lotus Flower.

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