Black and White Cat


If you’re a fan of cats the way we are, you’ll love Leslie Gerry’s black and white cat gifts and homeware range. Whether looking for a unique gift for someone you care about or treating yourself to a fabulous black and white cat present, we’re sure you will be happy with Leslie’s designs. We currently stock a wide range of black and white cat-themed Gifts from stationery items to kitchen and homeware.

We’re sure just about everyone has seen a black and white cat. Perhaps as a cat lover, you own or have owned one in the past. Regardless we can at least agree that these cats are stunning and should be appreciated by all animal-lovers. Funnily enough, when Leslie showcased this piece of artwork in the United-States, they referred to the cat as a “Tuxedo” cat due to the white chest combined with the black back of the cat.

Black and white cats are the most common colour of a cat with approximately 70 percent of all domestic cats sporting this beautiful combination of colours. Shakespeare and Beethoven both owned black and white cats, so you’re in good company with your love of these cats. It is scientifically proven that on average cat owners have a higher IQ than that of their dog-owning counterparts.

Leslie appreciates these gorgeous unique cats, and that is the primary reason why he incorporates them into his art. He captures the beauty in the cat’s eyes which contrasts perfectly with the colourful background. Leslie’s creative use of shadows under the cat’s face displays how delicate and dainty the cat’s features genuinely are. Leslie designs are the perfect gifts for a black and white cat owner.

So, if you or someone you know is a fan of these beautiful little creatures like we are, make sure to pick up on of our terrific black and white cat items. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or just someone that adores cats, we have you covered.