Leslie’s expansive collection of Animal portraits is inspired by his love of the natural world. His decision to create Rooster artwork was an easy one to make. These birds are surprisingly majestic, and when you really take the time to admire them, you can see that they carry themselves with a sense of pride and regality. If you are someone that appreciates animal-based art, perhaps one of Leslie’s incredible designs could find its way into your home.

We stock rooster Stationery, Homeware and Kitchenware items that are sure to WOW your friends and family. Leslie enjoys the uniqueness of these animals in both their appearances and behaviour. For instance, Roosters engage in what we see as a dance or “waltz” where they strut in circles with one of their wings pointed down to establish dominance which visually to us is hilarious looking. These animals have a long history embedded in spiritual beliefs throughout the world. The animals appear in Buddhism, Shamanism and Norse Mythology just to name a few. Their prevalence in religion and people’s spirituality probably stems from their importance to those cultures with many of them viewing them as a “symbol of life.”

Leslie Gerry has really outdone himself with his beautiful Rooster designs. The deep red of the Rooster’s comb contrasts tremendously with the black and white plume of this striking bird. Leslie incorporated an eye-catching burgundy background with navy coloured clovers which really adds to the rural, countryside vibe of these particular designs. If you are on the lookout for a fabulous gift that is sure to impress, look no further than Leslie Gerry’s Rooster range and combine your love of animals with your love of artistry. We believe that Leslie’s range are the best rooster gifts in the UK!