Are you a fan of seafood? Or, perhaps you’re just a lover of the natural world. Either way, Leslie Gerry has you covered with these incredible kitchen and homeware items that are sure to “WOW” anyone that visits your home. Leslie’s “animal” range was created in large part due to a profound appreciation for nature that Leslie has had since he was a child. If you’re on the lookout for an excellent gift item that is sure to impress, then look no further than his range of gorgeous giftware.

Absolutely everyone loves lobster. Just add some butter, and you have one of the best dishes money can buy. Do you ever wonder about the life of this ever-popular seafood? At one point in time, lobsters weren’t the upper-class food of choice. In the past lobsters were considered a poor man’s chicken and was fed to animals as a cheap form of feed. Many American prisoners dined on these tasty creatures in the past due to them being so cheap and plentiful. However, these creatures are not without their quirks. Many lobsters have been spotted walking along actually holding each other’s claws as if they’re friends. Additionally, they don’t age…Seriously, they do not age; they don’t suffer from any decline in vitality or strength and can regrow limbs even at over 100 years old. Honestly, the more we learn about these incredible creatures, the more we understand why they have a place in Leslie Gerry’s “animal” range.

Leslie’s use of contrasting background colours combined with the natural colour of the lobster truly makes for a striking image that is sure to be the centrepiece of any room or kitchen. We believe that we stock the best seafood gifts in the UK and are confident that you will find the perfect gifts for seafood lovers.