Who doesn’t love ponies? These handsome animals have some of the most terrific qualities, and it is no surprise that Leslie Gerry decided to apply his artistic talents in portraying their beauty and grace. If you or someone you know considers themselves an equestrian, then we have the perfect selection of pony-themed kitchen and homeware gifts.

Ponies evolved in harsh climates. They were forced to deal with inferior nutrition and challenging terrain; the overall result was a smaller horse that was capable of surviving in their sparse wilderness. Throughout history, ponies have been working animals that have been used for pulling carts and hauling things from place to place. Today, these animals tend to be used for pleasure riding and hold a special place in the hearts of their owners. Despite their smaller stature compared to a regular horse, top ponies have been known to be competitive against full-sized horses in many different feats.

Ponies possess extremely ancient bloodlines with their lineage dating back to the very oldest Horses. Despite their smaller stature, these animals are incredibly powerful, Shetland Ponies, for example, can pull as much weight as a draft horse. Leslie quite clearly appreciates the Pony’s beauty, and it is apparent in his artistry portraying these majestic animals.

The use of contrasting tones to add a level of depth to the Pony’s mane makes for an impressive image. Additionally, the big soulful eyes, coupled with the dainty little ears, makes for a very endearing image. Leslie’s choice to add in a shamrock based background utilising different shades of green brings the countryside vibe to the forefront and makes for some excellent designs that would look great in any home. We believe that we stock the best pony gifts in the UK and are sure that you will find the perfect gifts for pony lovers.