Golden Retriever


Smart and good-looking, this dog has it all. The Golden Retriever certainly scores very high on the beauty scale. A friendly face, piercing brown eyes and silky golden coat is perhaps some of the reasons Leslie Gerry wanted to include them in his "Animal" range of art. For fans of this beautiful breed of dog, Leslie's collection of stationery and homeware is sure to be a hit. Truly the perfect Golden Retriever Gifts!

The breed originated from the Highlands of Scotland and saw extensive use as a hunting dog. They were capable of retrieving from considerable distances and the water. A man by the name of Dudley Major Banks had a goal of creating the breed for retrieving and kept detailed notes of what he crossed with his dogs to create the perfect hunter's companion.  Of course, as soon as people got to know about these fabulous dogs, their popularity skyrocketed!

Let's face it; there is only one job that this beautiful dog sucks at… Can you guess? Watchdogs. These dogs make terrible deterrents because they are simply far too friendly! They're more likely to show an intruder their toys than their teeth.  

Leslie did this magnificent breed justice with his artwork. There is a young retriever, brimming with energy and ready to play, and another slightly older chap lounging on the floor waiting for some attention. Whichever illustration better fits your loyal companion's age, we are sure these golden retrievers themed gifts will be the perfect tribute. With a selection of coasters, cushions, prints, greeting cards, magnets and accessories to choose from, there is a golden retriever birthday gift for you!