Don’t let his noble and commanding stature fool you, underneath his thick eyebrows are some of the gentlest caring eyes of all breeds of dog. People who have been around these marvellous dogs know what we’re talking about. If you are a fan of this breed, check out Leslie Gerry’s beautiful range of giftware items including; Irish wolfhound Homeware, Kitchenware and Stationery.

These dogs are old..really old; the Irish Wolf Hound is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. There are records of Irish Wolfhounds existing in the first century in Ireland. Their original name was “Cu Faoil” meaning Irish Wolf-dog. The breed has an incredible history with a distant past of being a ferocious war dog and hunter of great-prey animals such as wolves and wild boars. In Roman times these dogs were transported in the same manner lions were, in big cages due to their intimidating size and strength. Despite this history, the dog’s revived popularity in the nineteenth century saw them become known as gentle giants that make tremendous companions. Anyone that owns one of these dogs knows that they get on just swimmingly with just about anyone, even cats.

These dogs are actually the tallest breed in the world. Some males can be seven feet tall if they stand on their hind legs. Despite their impressive size, these dogs are far too trusting and friendly to make good guard dogs. They are more likely to make friends with an intruder and show them all their favourite toys than get aggressive towards them.

If you love these dogs, you’re in great company, both Herbert Hoover and JFK had Irish Wolfhounds. Leslie Gerry’s admiration of this regal breed of dog is extremely apparent in his portrayal of them in his artwork. His image of the dog, shows the Wolfhound lying down, which highlights the soft nature of the animal. Leslie’s use of shadows and colour combinations allows for a very realistic looking image. Leslie Gerry’s Irish Wolfhound designs are the perfect gifts for wolfhound lovers.