Flexible Notebooks


Leslie Gerry’s pocket notebook range is the perfect piece of stationery to track your busy daily life.

The notebooks are designed for the writer on the run! The flexible cover allows the journal to be crammed into your already packed work bag, with the elastic closure ensuring that your carefully written pages are not dog eared and ruined! And if a bag isn’t your thing, the small size of the notebook allows it to snuggly fit into your jacket pocket.

Containing roughly 160 blank white pages, it can be used as both a small sketch pad and for note-taking.

The writing pads feature a selection of animal portraits and “New York Reflections” designs.

The animal range includes a variety of dogs, cats and farm animals. Each animal is set against a patterned background, emphasising the beauty and simplicity of the design. The background’s bright colour scheme subtly echoes the tones found within each animal. The unique design and high quality make this a suitable and practical animal-themed gift for writing fans out there!

The “New York Reflections” stationery range shows a very different design method. Each notebook shows a different scene from the bustling streets of Lower Manhattan. From an abstract portrayal of the infamous Broadway to the vibrant colours of the FDNY fire engines, Leslie’s designs capture the essence of this world-famous city. The New York notebooks are the perfect writing tool for both American aficionados and worldwide travellers.