Border Collie


Are you Border Collie mad like us? Well, we have just the ticket for you! Leslie's portrait of a border collie is sure to be a massive hit with sheepdog owners worldwide.

So, if you want to spoil yourself or that lucky person to something special, we have the perfect gift range. The collection includes lavish homeware and kitchenware to beautiful stationery items!

As we all know, border collies have boundless energy. This is perhaps why they are so admired for their working capabilities. Their agility, stamina and focus is the reason they are considered premier herders amongst farmers throughout the world.

Border collies get their name from the place where they were initially bred. "Collie" is a Scottish word used to describe sheep herding dogs. The border part of their name comes from the border between Scotland and England. Nowadays they are found worldwide which is truly a testament to their charming good looks and excellent temperament. If you love them the way we love them, then you're in good company. Queen Victoria was said to love these dogs and by today's standards would be considered a true enthusiast!

Leslie Gerry's love of this dog breed really shines through in his artistic portrayals of them. His use of shadows and extreme levels of detail in his art displays how regal these dogs are and indeed does them the justice they deserve. He captures the vibrancy and zest for life that these animals have, and you can see it when you look into their eyes. Leslie's range truly has the perfect gifts for border collie lovers.

Leslie's love of the natural world and admiration of dogs, in particular, is the primary motivation behind the creation of his "animal" range. So, if you have a deep love for these beautiful creatures, show your appreciation by sporting Leslie's phenomenal artwork on your homeware, kitchenware or stationery.