Black Cat


Do you love cats as much as we do? We’ll agree that we both love them as much as each other. Do you know who else loves cats? Leslie Gerry, his love of the fabulous felines inspired him to create a range of gifts for Black Cat lovers. If you’re looking for the perfect Black Cat gifts or struggling to think of Black Cat Gift Ideas treat yourself to something unique from Leslie’s Black Cat range. His designs are sure to impress cat lovers and fans of art. Choose from a large variety of items from stationery items to kitchen and homeware.

Throughout history, Black Cats have always been associated with symbolism and funny superstitions. Both these things vary wildly depending on what culture you come from. In many western countries, it has been argued that Black Cats are unlucky to walk by, but in Japanese culture, Black Cats are considered extremely lucky especially for single women with the superstition being that the black cat will attract the interest of good men. That superstition also exists in parts of the UK with some areas believing that giving a Black Cat to a bride will ensure that your marriage is blessed with luck. Heck, even sailors believed that having a Black cat aboard would keep them safe during their voyages across seas. Maybe your cute little feline friend is secretly a witch hoping that someday they’ll magically transform back into human form.

Whether you believe the superstitions or not, it cannot be denied that these beautiful animals deserve to be revered for both their looks and intelligence. Leslie Gerry has showcased his Black Cat art in art galleries across the world, and it has become a favourite amongst his fans. His use of bold contrasting colours in his background highlights the attractive features these animals possess. Cotton ball like feet, dainty little nose, and ears combined with eyes that could light up a room are all reasons as to why both Leslie and we adore this artwork. If you consider yourself a true Black cat lover, choose from Leslie’s beautiful black cat homeware range. We stock the best range of gifts for black cat lovers!