West Highland Terrier


Honestly, we can't think of anything better than giving these cuddly doggos a belly rub. Those bushy little cheeks, the big grin, come on.. we can all agree that Westies are just gorgeous.

Leslie's admiration for this bubbly little dog is the reason it found it's way into his exclusive selection of pet portraits!

The West Highland Terrier range of products has been a best-seller for many years and its obvious why. The cute depiction of a curious westie puppy following a nearby ladybird is truly heartwarming. Couple that with the vibrant pink and purple background, and you have a cute yet lively piece of art.

If you know someone that is Westie obsessed like us, or maybe you happen to adore these magnificent dogs, then choose from our range of West Highland terrier Homeware, kitchenware and Stationery items.

The West Highland Terrier was initially bred in Northern Scotland as an efficient working dog. Their primary purpose was to clear farms and barns of rats and vermin, but they also lent a paw during hunts by scaring the game from the hidey holes.

Their iconic snow-white fur was of great importance during their early working years. The white fur helped with visibility during hunts. Back then, they weren't called West Highland Terriers, they were called Roseneath Terriers, after the breeder's castle in Roseneath.

Although some people complain about the amount of noise these small characters produce, it is what they were bred to do! The little hairy claxons would burrow down into the underground passageways and then bark to let the hunters know where they were!

People have tried to use these charming fellows as guard dogs because of their loud bark, but it was quickly realised that these little guys are more likely to make friends with the intruders than chase them away.

Leslie Gerry loves these beautiful dogs. The admiration is clear from a glance at the artwork, which is detailed and eye-catching. Leslie's use of contrasting tones adds a level of depth to his artwork while maintaining the simplistic style. Their beautiful soulful eyes combined with a fluffy appearance makes for an adorable image that would be a perfect addition to anyone's household. Truly the perfect gifts for West Highland terrier lovers!