Puffins are just about everyone’s favourite seabird. Frankly, it’s not difficult to see why. Their beautiful black and white feathers, funny walk and brightly coloured beaks have endeared birdwatchers for years. Leslie Gerry has mentioned that puffins are one of his favourite animals to portray in his art. Many people clearly enjoy Leslie Gerry’s puffin designs in that year in year out they are consistently a bestseller and attract praise from both fans of Leslie and fans of avian art alike. If you consider yourself a fan of the natural world, treat yourself to one of Leslie’s puffin-themed homeware, kitchenware or Stationery items. Our range of beautiful puffin gifts will surely be the perfect choice for any true puffin lover!

Have you ever wondered why puffins are called puffins? It comes from the chicks because they look “puffed.” A nickname that stuck with them all these years. The pufflings look like little balls of fluffy feathers which help in keeping them warm while their parents are away hunting for food. These birds keep the same partners their entire life with couples being together for as many as 20 years. There are an estimated 580,000 breeding pairs in the UK which you can see in all their natural beauty between March and July. If you aren’t impressed enough by their stunning good looks perhaps the fact that these birds don’t just fly, they dive up to 60 metres underwater to look for food is sure to impress you.

Leslie Gerry first fell in love these stunning animals on a trip to the Bempton Cliffs in North Yorkshire during puffin season. He was mesmerised by their beautiful colouring. Leslie loves their exquisitely striped bills with shades of blue, red, grey and orange coupled with their bright orange feet. Similar to Leslie’s other designs, his use of shadows to add depth to his images are present. Combined with a beautifully contrasting background, these designs are sure to wow anyone that enjoys beautiful art and birds. Our fabulous range truly has the perfect gifts for puffin lovers.