Just look at that adorable face, do we need we say more? Leslie’s beautiful designs showcasing this incredible breed of dog are the perfect gift to yourself or someone you care about. If you love these noble dogs and appreciate them the way we and Leslie Gerry do, choose from our range of Homeware, kitchenware and stationery to match your fondness of these animals. We stock the perfect gifts for boxer owners.

Boxer’s faces are about as cute and adorable as you can get. Some people dare to call them goofy looking, but frankly who doesn’t love goofy. However, don’t let their faces mislead you, they were one of the first dogs used as police dogs and make excellent guard dogs due to their loyalty and love of their human masters. They come from a lineage of dogs that were used for hunting wild boars. If you just read about boxers, you’ll probably be confused when you meet people like us that really know their personality traits. Despite their initial use as a working dog, they possess one of the most unique personalities of all dogs. They are turbo-charged and extremely excitable. It’s always go, go, go when you own a boxer and the closest thing we can liken them to is a toddler. Come home from work and expect them to be bouncing and zipping around, waiting to greet you as if they haven’t seen you in a month. The simple fact is that they are perpetual puppies and that’s why Leslie adores them. We feel that we stock the best boxer gifts in the UK.

Leslie does these beautiful dogs justice in his artwork. His artistry displays their proud stance and muscular physique coupled with their lovely faces and deep soulful eyes. Leslie chose a brightly coloured background to represent their personalities which are so filled with a love of life that we could all learn from this breed. If you or someone you care about is a fan of these dogs, Leslie’s giftware range is sure to be the best gift for boxer lovers.