We all appreciate the beauty of the natural world. Sometimes in life, it’s nice to take a step back from the day to day bustling urban environments that we have become accustomed to and admire the splendour of nature. Leslie Gerry has strived to portray wildlife gracefully, and one of our favourite pieces of artwork that he has produced is his fox image. If you or someone you know appreciates the great outdoors or adores beautiful fox artwork, our range of homeware, kitchenware and stationery is sure to be a great addition to your collections.

These incredible animals are part of the same family as your domesticated dog, despite this fact, they are not pack animals, and much prefer a solitary lifestyle. Funnily enough, they have more in common with cats than they do with dogs. They prefer to hunt at night, and if you have ever been privileged enough to see these animals in the flesh, you will notice they walk on their toes which makes them look very graceful. Some breeds of fox possess claws and climb trees like cats. Despite their solitary lifestyle, they can’t hide their playful nature completely. They have been known to steal balls from people’s backyards and have been seen playing with them when they think no one is around. Some people have kept them as pets and love them the same way they would dogs. A few years ago, a grave was uncovered in Jordan that was 16,500 years old which housed the remains of a man buried with his pet fox. Crazily this was thousands of years before the first human was buried with a domestic dog.

Leslie Gerry outdid himself with this gorgeous artwork. He captures the wildness and beauty in this noble creature. The piercing eyes of the red fox combined with the colouring of the fox’s fur truly showcases the majesty of the natural world. A variety of colourful backgrounds contrasts well with the natural colouring of the fox and produces some very striking artwork. Add these fox gift items to your home and be the envy of any true lover of these beautiful animals. We believe that we stock the best fox gifts in the UK and are sure that you will find the perfect gifts for fox lovers.