Barn Owl


Leslie Gerry’s love of the natural world is incredibly apparent throughout his “animal” range of artwork. Many of his fans worldwide have argued that it is his best work and frankly, who are we to disagree. If you’re interested in purchasing an extraordinary barn owl gift for someone you love or a gift for a birdwatcher, you definitely can’t go wrong with one from our fabulous range. We stock a wide array of products from stationery items to beautiful homeware and Kitchenware.

Leslie Gerry beautifully captures the graceful Barn Owl in all of its glory. These striking birds possess stunning heart-shaped faces and mesmerizing eyes. Leslie’s appreciation for the natural world extends to these remarkable birds that combine beauty with an ability to hunt with excellent efficiency. This is perhaps the reason why he enjoys creating barn owl artwork so much.

These awe-inspiring animals are absolutely silent in flight with their long wingspan. The Barn Owl can actually be found on every continent in the world with the exception of Antarctica. Strangely, despite their size matching that of a typical cat, they only weigh about one pound.

Leslie really captures the beautiful markings on these birds and combines them with sharp shadows around the eyes which really invokes a sense of appreciation of the uniqueness of these fabulous birds. Leslie also chose a darker, more straightforward background for these animals to develop a powerful contrast showcasing the bird’s elegance. Our range has the perfect range of gifts for owl lovers.

If you or someone you know is a fan of birds and the beauty that they possess or maybe you’re a bird watcher, Leslie’s barn owl-themed gifts are sure to be a great addition to your collection. Combine your love of art with functionality and enjoy being complimented throughout the day by others that are envious of your new style.