Who doesn't love Schnauzers? They have way better beards than hipsters and aren't nearly as annoying. These dogs are incredibly popular, and for a good reason, their great looks combined with a lovable personality make them one of the best breeds out there. Leslie Gerry loves these adorable pooches so including them in his "animal" range was a simple choice to make. If you love these dogs and appreciate their beauty, Leslie Gerry's range of Homeware is sure to be a perfect addition to your household. We believe that Leslie has the best Schnauzer gifts in the UK.

This breed has roots dating back as far as the 15th century in Germany. Being a terrier, these dogs were used for hunting vermin and as a farm dog. Throughout the years, the development of this dog eventually created a loyal, intelligent and protective companion to people.

Probably the most iconic feature that these incredible dogs possess is their moustache. These thickly covered little faces aren't just for show. When they were used for vermin control, these moustaches would help protect the dog's face from any damage caused by the prey. The Schnauzer also has incredible hearing which stems from their hunting background, because they need to hear the rats to catch them. So, don't try to make a sneaky trip to the fridge and expect that your furry-faced little friend won't hear you! Funnily enough, these dogs make excellent teammates. Farmers would sometimes pair these dogs with their German Shepherds so that the German Shepherd could benefit from the Schnauzers incredible hearing and be alerted when there was trouble.

We think that Leslie's appreciation of this noble breed is very apparent in the artwork. The level of detail incorporated into his portrayal of this breed is simply amazing. His combination of colours for the dog's wiry coat adds an element of realism to the image. The contrast in colour with the purple and red background truly makes for an image that stands out even amongst the rest of Leslie's artwork. Leslie's schnauzer homeware range is an absolute must-have for fans of this terrific breed. We stock the best gifts for schnauzer owners and lovers.