Urban - New York


Leslie Gerry’s widely popular “New York Reflections” artwork has finally made it to our range of beautiful gifts. We stock a wide range of New York homeware, kitchenware and stationery items that are sure to wow anyone that visits your home. Designs include both urban architecture and everyday street life. For fans of urban-based artwork, Leslie Gerry’s designs are sure to be an excellent addition to their collections.

Leslie Gerry believes that ordinary street life instils inspiration due to his appreciation of modern, busy metropolises. Attention to detail and capturing every element of a still image are at the forefront of Leslie’s New York designs. At the International Artist’s Book Awards, Leslie highlighted how he enjoys visiting parts of the world that he is entirely unfamiliar off and soaking in the atmosphere to give him inspiration for his art. For his New York range, he spent three weeks sketching and photographing everyday life in New York so that he could truly capture the essence of this incredibly unique city. Leslie develops a story behind every image to establish the colouring to match the overall tone of each awe-inspiring image.

Leslie’s many years of artistry have provided him with the tools to apply layering to his images. This gives the artwork incredibly detailed shadows, reflections and allows him to work on each element of the art individually.

Leslie’s artwork has been praised in many art galleries throughout the world for his ability to capture elements of pure Americana despite not being a native of the United States. Leslie’s level of skill in setting a tone within his artwork can perhaps be attributed to his appreciation of the urban environment. The very idea of skyscrapers, buildings stacked on top of buildings is a testament to human ingenuity, and Leslie’s use of shadows blocking out sunlight in different areas invokes a sense of awe in his fans.

Leslie Gerry’s “New York Reflections” range truly is phenomenal and the perfect gift for urban art lovers.