These dogs have fans… lots and lots of fans. Very few people can resist their wrinkly faces and big beautiful eyes. Funnily enough, it is believed that pugs name comes from the Latin word meaning "Fist" because their little faces resemble a fist. Leslie Gerry's beautifully designed giftware range includes both Homeware and Stationery sporting the image of the beautiful Pug. Any fans of this breed are sure to love having their home decorated with these original and functional giftware items. We stock the best gifts for pug owners.

Pugs can be absolute clowns and love to be the centre of attention. Owners of these dogs certainly know that they need extra love because you don't want to end up with a heartsick pug. These gorgeous dogs have some of the most famous faces with distinct deeply set wrinkles. There is an old Chinese legend that says that the original breeders of these dogs prized the wrinkles of Pugs because they resembled the good luck symbols in Chinese.

Owners of this dog are sure to know that these little angels have crafty begging skills, so keeping their diet in check can be challenging. When that little face rests on your knee, and those big eyes stare at you, saying no to them can be a challenging task.

Take one look at these beautiful designs, and it's obvious Leslie Gerry loves this breed. Leslie's use of contrasting colours helps in portraying the adorable faces of the Pug while maintaining his characteristic style. Deep wrinkles combined with the flattened nose makes for a lovely face that is sure to be the main talking point for visitors to your home. A combination of deep reds in the background makes for an impressive contrast—wonderful gifts for pug lovers.