Leslie Gerry’s “Bird” range is extremely popular amongst his fans and has been a consistent best-seller for many years. Many of Leslie’s fans particularly enjoy his Bird artwork due to his varied use of colour to add an element of realism to his work. Leslie’s beautiful collection possesses the perfect Gifts for a Birdwatcher, twitchers, or for someone that appreciates the gracefulness of these wonderful animals.

If you or someone you care about is a fan of artistic depictions of birds or is a birdwatcher, our gift range showcasing Leslie’s striking artwork is sure to impress. We stock a variety of bird giftware items ranging from stationery to kitchenware and homeware items.

Birds add a lot to our perception of nature, they possess the ability to make a city park seem wild, or your garden feel like the wilderness. Leslie’s appreciation for these unique animals shines through in his artwork, and he would argue that Birds feed our spirits, moving us to create beautiful art to reminds us that there is real beauty in nature.

With many people living in urban areas nowadays, typically birds are the only slice of nature, many of us get to see daily. This factors into Leslie’s desire to create his Bird artwork and show his love of these gravity-defying animals.

From the simple charm of a Rooster to the magnificent Golden Eagle, Leslie’s creates the best Bird Gifts in the UK. There truly is something for everyone whether you’re a bird lover, an art-aficionado, or both.