Wild Animals


Leslie Gerry’s “animal“ range is, without a doubt, a fan-favorite. Followers and fans of his artwork have commented that it is some of his finest work. We can attest to that with this range being one of our best sellers since its initial introduction. If you are looking for great gifts for wild animal lovers you, we stock stationery items and homeware that will wow the lucky person that receives them. Anyone that is a fan of wild animals and the unique beauty they possess is sure to enjoy this range.

Many of us enjoy the Great Outdoors. Appreciating the beauty of nature and the magnificent animals that live in it is something that more people need in their lives. With the hustle-bustle of daily life, it’s nice to take a moment and appreciate the striking elegance of the wild animals that make up the natural world.

Leslie truly captured what makes these animals so unique with his incredibly detailed artwork. Only someone that has a genuine appreciation of the natural world could do so to this level.

What do we as people enjoy about wild animals? Probably a combination of their beauty combined with their adaptability. Unlike us, animals exist in synchronicity with their environments. Their striking and impressive appearances are not random, they are perfectly suited to their environments, and we believe that’s the reason we find them so appealing.

If you are someone that appreciates intense, contrasting colours coupled with phenomenally detailed designs, then Leslie’s designs are the perfect fit for your home.