Border Collie Coaster by Designer Leslie Gerry

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  • Each coaster is cork-backed to prevent damage to furniture.
  • Our coasters are anti-slip.
  • Coaster size- 10.5cm x 10.5cm.
  • Heat resistant to 100 ºC.


    That's plainly why Leslie Gerry chose this beloved breed to portray in his latest range of animal designed products. For although the collie is one of the hardest working dogs, herding sheep at a terrific rate of knots, he never loses his ability to smile.
    And smile he certainly does from this quality coaster. He's beaming from one pert ear to the other and is ready for whatever command his master is about to give him. This strikingly lifelike image is set against a subtle background design in muted shades of buff and yale blue, a perfect contrast to his glossy coat of black and white.
    The image is so appealing it almost seems a shame to cover it with a cup of coffee but that's what the Collie's there for, always working. This time he's on a cork backed coaster and his work is to protect your kitchen table or desk, so just let him do it. He needs to be busy! This quality piece would also make an ideal small gift for someone who appreciates design, or simply loves the Collie Dog!