Boxer Apron by Designer Leslie Gerry

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  • Full bib style apron with an adjustable neck strap to provide maximum comfort.
  • Made from high-quality 100% machine washable cotton.
  • Apron measures 69cm wide, 89cm long. Side ties each measure approximately 66cm long.

Raising smiles is something that the beloved boxer certainly does, and with such ease! That's one of the reasons that he's become one of the most loved family dogs.
His comical features and boundless energy are matched with a temperament of pure joy. He's funny, friendly and quite frankly the ideal companion, so long as you can keep up with him!
No surprise then that Leslie Gerry has included the boxer in this latest range of animal designed products. Here, on this high-quality apron, the boxer strides, all set for the pounce or bounce. His ears are pricked and he's ready for action, whatever the action is. His glorious fawn coat glistens against a dramatic backdrop design of teal and tawny brown. An easy way to add some excitement to your own cooking.
This apron is made from 100% cotton, is machine washable and measures 72cm wide, 89cm long.