Boxer Mug by Designer Leslie Gerry

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•Mug comes packaged in a beautiful gift box.
•Made from high-quality fine bone china.
•Diameter 8cm, Height 9cm, 320ml.

Lean physique, muscular frame, great with kids and a real comedian.....your ideal partner ? Yes please ! Who else could so easily tick all these boxes but the beloved boxer dog.
The boxer was first bred to be a hunting dog and then guard dog but it soon became apparent that his real skills were in entertainment. As anyone who has ever owned one of these canine clowns knows, they are far more likely to lick an intruder to death than attack him.
Fun loving, ever affectionate and wonderfully patient with children these dogs have become one of the most popular breeds as family pets.
In an exciting new range of animal products, designed by Leslie Gerry, the beloved boxer struts his stuff. His 'ready to bounce' pose will strike a chord with all boxer owners. The tan colour of his coat is complimented by a subtle background design of blue/green with dashes of chestnut brown.
This fine bone china mug comes in its own gift box, and is microwave and dishwasher safe.
It is a must for all boxer lovers or for those who simply appreciate a quality piece to add to their kitchen collection.