Cats Notecard Box by Designer Leslie Gerry

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  •  Blank notecards
  • 12 notecards and envelopes, 4 different designs.
  •  Card dimensions: 14.8cm x 10.5cm Presented in storage/gift box

Featuring a selection of cats from Leslie Gerry’s animal range, this set of kitty notecards is the ideal addition to any writing kit. Almost guaranteed to send that cat mad friend into a frenzy of excitement, these greeting cards really are good enough to put on the wall. So, whether you are buying a birthday card for your own furry little feline princess, or simply looking for original themed notelets to send around the book club, we are the perfect place for that purrfect card.

The distinctively clean and vibrant designs are instantly recognizable as the work of Leslie Gerry. The well-presented gift box contains 12 blank cards, split evenly between the Black Cat, Black and White Cat, Tort Cat and Tabby Cat designs.