Dachshund Apron by Designer Leslie Gerry

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  • Full bib style apron with an adjustable neck strap to provide maximum comfort.
  • Made from high-quality 100% machine washable cotton.
  • Apron measures 69cm wide, 89cm long. Side ties each measure approximately 66cm long.

It's true, the dachshund is a very small dog but don't be fooled by that, for he has an ego that far exceeds his limited size. It does indeed make his heart sing to have been chosen for this latest of Leslie Gerry's animal range designs and he doesn't care who knows it!
And so, he struts his stuff, proud as punch, with his ever-alert expression. His bright eyes shine out and his glossy auburn coat is in sharp contrast to the subtle backdrop design of slate blue and mustard.
On this quality apron Leslie has captured the very essence of this tiny dog and what it is that makes him such a valued pet for families worldwide. He's a lively, feisty little fellow who is bursting with life and attitude! He loves to show off and what better way to do it?
The apron is made from 100% cotton twill, is machine washable and would make an ideal present for those who are dachshund lovers or simply for those who want to add a little colour and attitude to their kitchen.