Dachshund Mug by Designer Leslie Gerry

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  • Mug comes packaged in a beautiful gift box.
  • Made from high-quality fine bone china.
  • Diameter 8cm, Height 9cm, 320ml.

They say the dachshund is ‘half a dog high and a dog and a half long’ but don’t let him hear you saying that ! He doesn’t take too kindly to being called a ‘sausage dog’ either.
For this diminutive and some feel comical looking dog is a proud and brave little chap, who was bred originally in Germany to hunt out Badgers, hence his name. [Dachs is German for badger].
Whilst nowadays he is far more likely to be found curled up on his owner’s lap, he still takes his heritage very seriously and doesn’t take kindly to mockery.
Just as well then that Leslie Gerry has given him all the respect he demands in this striking portrait of the little powerhouse. In Leslie’s latest range of beautiful fine bone china mugs, our feisty friend strides against a contrasting design of yellow and slate grey, daring anyone to mock him !
This quality piece is presented in a stylish gift box would grace any kitchen and makes an ideal present for dog and art lovers alike.
It’s guaranteed to raise a smile…..just don’t let our little friend see that…