Friesian Cow Coaster by Designer Leslie Gerry

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  • Each coaster is cork-backed to prevent damage to furniture.
  • Our coasters are anti-slip.
  • Coaster size- 10.5cm x 10.5cm.
  • Heat resistant to 100 ºC.

And think twice you certainly will when you see this stunning addition to Leslie Gerry's latest range of animal designed products.
Here the bovine beast strikes an arresting pose on this coaster. She's a Friesian and proud of it, part of an elegant breed of dairy cattle that humans have depended on for hundreds of years. Which is why the poor cow feels somewhat hard done by the bad press she gets regarding her intelligence.
And so, it's time for her to reassert herself and she's certainly doing that on this stunning coaster. Leslie has portrayed her in all her glory. Her black and white coat is in striking contrast to the subtle background hues of the dusky pink and powder blue.
This coaster is cork backed and its powerful design makes this a quality piece for your kitchen table or office desk and an ideal small gift for those in your life who are prepared to give the poor cow some better press!