Jack Russell Coaster by Designer Leslie Gerry

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  • Each coaster is cork-backed to prevent damage to furniture.
  • Our coasters are anti-slip.
  • Coaster size- 10.5cm x 10.5cm.
  • Heat resistant to 100 ºC.


Bounding forth is what the diminutive but power-packed Jack Russell certainly does best. His energy is endless and his strength far exceeds his size. Although he was first bred over 200 years ago as a hunting dog, taking on foxes and the like, nowadays he is more likely to be seen chasing balls, thrown by his devoted owners.
It is this dynamism that Leslie Gerry has captured wonderfully in his portrayal of the lovable Jack Russell, as he leaps across this coaster. As he bounds past, our attention is also drawn from the intricate detail of the dog to the colourful background design of orange and maroon. What's the shape in the design, we wonder.... Could it be that bone the little terrier is after? The effect is striking and full of vitality and reflects the very essence of this little powerhouse.
This quality coaster is part of Leslie's new and exciting range of animal designed products. It is cork backed and perfect to protect your coffee or kitchen table from scratches or heat marks. It also makes an ideal small yet stylish gift for those who appreciate that good things do come in small packages.