New York Broadway Rollerball Pen

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  • Rollerball pen
  • Presented in a gift box with two ink cartridges. (One fitted, one spare)
  • Screw on lid with clip
  • Stainless steel tip with ceramic ball for smudge free writing


A premium-quality, Troika Rollerball pen featuring a “New York Reflections” design from Leslie Gerry’s gift range.
The abstract design shows a New York street view. At a glance, the pen appears to feature a flat pattern; however, upon closer inspection, the individual elements of architecture can be discerned. The sunlight streaming between the towering buildings catches the windows and alcoves at a variety of angles, giving an additional depth of contrast. The subtle “NY” sign identifies this street as belonging to the iconic America city.
The pen is of exceptional quality, as expected from the renowned Troika brand! The cap is threaded, allowing it to be firmly screwed in place. When in use, the cap can be screwed onto the end of the pen, ensuring it is not misplaced. The pens stainless steel tip holds a ceramic ball, allowing for smudge free writing. A spare refill ink cartridge accompanies each pen.
The presentation of the pen, accompanied by the quality and design make this a wonderful father days gift, or for those who still appreciate the written word!