Puffin Mug by Designer Leslie Gerry

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  • Mug comes packaged in a beautiful gift box.
  • Made from high-quality fine bone china.
  • Diameter 8cm, Height 9cm, 320ml.

These cute, fun and fascinating creatures make their homes all along the North Atlantic coast, with many nesting sites in the UK and Ireland but over 60 percent nest in Iceland. Their comical appearance has led to them being one of our most loved birds.

In his inspiring new range of fine bone china mugs Leslie Gerry has brought to us the Puffin in all his glory. The electrifying colours of his plumage and beak are set against a dappled backdrop of tiffany blue and slate grey.

Finished to a high quality, and beautifully presented, this mug would make an ideal gift for bird watchers and art lovers alike....or for those who simply appreciate the finer things in life.

Whether on display in the kitchen, on a coffee table or in the corner of a cluttered desk, this colourful clown is certain to cheer the dullest day.