Pug Coaster by Designer Leslie Gerry

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  • Each coaster is cork-backed to prevent damage to furniture.
  • Our coasters are anti-slip.
  • Coaster size- 10.5cm x 10.5cm.
  • Heat resistant to 100 ºC.


It's true that the pug hasn't got the greatest reputation for being over active and indeed he's sometimes been called the couch potato of the dog world. Maybe a bit harsh but, more often than not, true.
His history is one of having been adored and pampered in the palaces of ancient China and he's not inclined to let you forget it. He is truly a little Emperor in his own right and it's this aristocratic air that exudes from his portrait on the coaster by Leslie Gerry.
Part of Leslie's latest range of fabulous animal designed products, the Pug Coaster is hugely popular. Leslie's skill in recreating such a lifelike pose of the lovable pug is matched by his great skill as a designer. The Pug sits, staring out from a backdrop of muted mottled maroon in that doleful superior way that he has acquired and mastered over the years.
The coaster, which is cork backed to protect your table or desk, is not simply a practical addition to your kitchen or office but a quality product that would make a great small gift for pug devotees or art lovers alike.